Salsa Footwork & Styling Series

Upcoming Salsa Footwork & Styling Series

Wednesday 8/2
. Time: 8pm-8:45pm. Class meets every Wednesday for 6 weeks.
Instructor: Rodrigo Guzman

Space is Limited so Sign Up NOW to Reserve Your Spot.

No partner is required to attend class.
All Levels Welcome.

Do you know how to ‘hold your own’ when your partner lets you go? It’s a common trend to let go of your partner while dancing Salsa or Bachata. Know what to do when that happens, with some solid Footwork or ‘Shines’.

Shines are an integral part of Latin dance that adds flare and style to your dancing. With each class you’ll learn a fun footwork combination with body and arm styling, and many Shines can be adapted for partner work, creating a playful abandon that improves your musicality.

This is a non-partnered class and opens to both men and women. Development in Shines lends itself to a greater awareness of movement, confidence, and most of all the endless possibilities for expression!

Cost for the 6-Week Program is only $140. Students with Monthly Memberships attend FREE.

Class Pre-Requisite: Level 1 or equivalent. Private lessons are available if you need extra help to get ready for the class.

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